About Us

de' Klaire was inspired by my daughter, Nendi Klaire. Our journey initially began later in 2017. Our entity is based out of New Orleans, La. There are so many great things i can say about de'Klaire. It inspires me to be everything that i am and more.

In 2017 i graduated from University of New Orleans with a bachelor's degree in biology and a minor in chemistry. I made use of my degrees in the oil and gas industry for eight years before realizing i had a "crazy talent"  and a wild imagination for designing  jewelry. I became obsessed with the study of stones and it's ability to create heaven on earth. Hematite, being one of my favorite stones because of it's power to lend strength and dispel negativity. Lava, gemstones, howlites and a host of other natural and  powerful stones has captured my interest and inspired my creative obsessions as well. Over the years, I have received hundreds of reviews from my customers, making it very clear to me how my jewelry has affected their lives. By increasing their confidence, stroking their egos, in addition to the balance obtained mentally and emotionally.   de' Klaire's jewelry is more than just a beautiful "fly" piece of jewelry that you wear to accessorize, It's far more than that. I aim to create " JEWELRY YOU CAN FEEL".  It's great to look good, but it's even better when you feel just as good as you look. :-)

When we produce our items, the first that comes to mind is QUALITY over everything. We pride ourselves on having "An Eye for Elegance". Every piece that is manufactured has thought and creativity poured into it, and our 100% money back guarantee shows that we are confident in the products that we produce. We understand, appreciate, and value all of our customers. We will continue to satisfy our customers by producing quality products at a fair cost. Thank you for choosing us! 

Sincerely, de' Klaire